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Lindsey Grayzel
Bates College, Lewiston, ME
B.A. in Political Science, 1993
Senior Thesis participant
Lindsey Head shot.JPG

Field Producer, Editor, North Shore Productions/ Royal BC Museum, Victoria BC

Three short films produced as part of a new exhibit about orcas. Exhibit to travel worldwide. 2019

Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, “The Reluctant Radical”

Independent documentary feature follows climate activist Ken Ward as he forces a moral reckoning through acts of civil disobedience.  Premiered at Big Sky Film Festival, national PBS broadcasts. 2018

Editor, “Life Journeys” AFSP, New York, NY

28 minute film tells the stories of those who lost a loved one to suicide decades ago.  2016

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor,  “Lake Mead Intake No. 3” Boulder, NV

45 minute film follows the challenges of a construction project to tunnel under Lake Mead.  2015

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor,  “Family Journeys” AFSP, New York, NY

30 minute film features family dynamics after a loved one’s suicide death.  2015

Editor, North Shore Productions/ Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward, AK

20 minute theatrical museum exhibit plus three short films on the natural and human history of the park.  2015

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor  “The Journey” AFSP, New York, NY

30 minute film features the stories of those grieving and healing after a loved one’s suicide death.  2014

Editor, "ná·qc timíne wisí·x: Of One Heart" North Shore Productions/ Nez Perce National Historic Park, Lapwai, ID

23 minute theatrical museum exhibit on the culture and history of the Nez Perce tribe.  2014

Editor, North Shore Productions/ Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg, Canada

16 short films highlight human rights stories as part of the permanent museum exhibits. 2014

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, “Supporting the Grieving Student” The Dougy Center, Portland OR

23 minute educational video gives guidance to school staff on how to support grieving children in the school setting. 2013

Producer, Director, Writer, “Cooking Up a Story” Portland, OR

Internet delivered video series featuring stories about sustainable food and agriculture. 2012

Producer, “Saving Seasonal Wetlands” Ducks Unlimited, Portland OR

Persuasive video calls for conservation of flood irrigated ranchlands to provide seasonal habitat for migrating birds. 2012

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, “Supporting the Grieving Child” The Dougy Center, Portland OR

Educational video gives guidance to parents of children who are grieving. 2011

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, “Local Control for Healthy Communities”

Consumer education video for Greater Oregon Behavioral Health Inc. 2011

Editor, “Circle of Life” North Shore Productions/ Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum, Ignacio, CO

Seven screen theatrical museum exhibit and three short films featuring elders of the Southern Ute tribe. 2011

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, “Understanding Suicide” The Dougy Center, Portland, OR

Seven screen theatrical Educational video to support those grieving someone who died by suicide. 2011

Editor, “Alfalfa and Apple Pie” Portland, OR

A half hour documentary muses about summers spent on the family farm. 2011

Field Producer, “Factory Made”, “Unwrapped”, “New Spaces” & “Cool Tools”

33 episodes for cable TV shows produced by High Noon Entertainment. 2007-2010

Editor, “Switch” Portland, OR

Documentary following a community’s reaction as one of its members changes gender identity. 2009

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, “Balancing Risks & Benefits” Boston, MA

Consumer education video examines the privacy laws of health records in Massachusetts. 2008

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, “Water for the Future” Washington County, OR

Promotional video illustrates how local partners are working collaboratively to meet the long-term water needs for cities, farms, and the health of rivers. 2008

Producer, Director, “Sharing Health Information Nationwide…And Doing it Right” 

North Shore Productions/ State of Oregon, Portland, OR
Consumer education video examines the privacy and security concerns of electronic medical records. 2008

Editor, “Last Days at the Depot” Portland, OR

Half hour documentary reveals the relationship of the townspeople of Hermiston to the Umatilla Chemical Weapons Depot. 2007

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, “River Rangers” Clean Water Services, Hillsboro, OR

Promotional video showcasing an environmental education curriculum that teaches children how to protect their watershed. 2007

Producer, Director, Editor, “Omaha” North Shore Productions/ Durham Museum, Omaha, NE

Historical film surveys the highlights of Omaha history. 2007

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, “The Big Pipe” North Shore Productions/ Impregilo, Portland, OR

Industrial video documents complex sewer construction. 2006

Editor, “Dark Water Rising” Portland, OR

Feature length documentary about animal rescues after Hurricane Katrina. 2006

Editor, “Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories” Portland, OR

Feature length documentary released theatrically. 2005

Producer, Videographer, Writer, Editor “Leslie Lee” and “Dennis Meiners” Portland, OR

Two artist profiles created for OPB’s “Art Beat” series. Broadcast April 15, 2004

Producer, Videographer, Writer, Editor, “Chilina Glass” Portland, OR

Segment created for OPB’s “Art Beat” series. Broadcast September 18, 2003

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