Lindsey is a fiercely compassionate storyteller. As a producer, she’s a tireless seeker and problem-solver. As an editor, Lindsey brings an instinctive understanding for the cinematic. In every phase of production, she’s an open-minded, creative collaborator.
Lindsey is a pleasure to work with; she has a highly developed sense of story, and knows how to capture the necessary moments and images in the field to produce a compelling finished piece in the edit room… she has great interviewing skills and always puts subjects at ease, allowing them to open up in front of the camera… as an editor, Lindsey has an excellent sense of pacing and a great eye.
Ms. Grayzel is an impressive person in a number of ways. She has a tremendous work ethic and gets things done quickly and thoroughly with little direction. She researched the subject area and was quickly up to speed on the topic.
Lindsey Grayzel has produced, shot and edited three stories for Oregon Art Beat on OPB. Each of the stories drew the viewer in with beautiful visuals as well as clear and engaging storytelling. In fact, the stories were so good, I chose them to lead their respective programs and those programs were among the highest rated of the entire fifth season of Art Beat… She understands how to write, shoot and edit a sequence to put the viewer in the experience.
As a director, I have learned to trust her judgment to try out new ideas and I am often surprised and delighted with the results. Lindsey also cuts fast, a carry-over from her days working in the news industry. I have no hesitation in recommending Lindsey to any producer looking for an editor that brings great storytelling skills to the cutting room.

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